Adhd schools in Bangalore

Bangalore, the cosmopolitan capital of the Indian state of Karnataka, is a hub of progressive education, and home to many specialized schools catering to students with ADHD. In this article, we will delve into the benefits of ADHD schools in Bangalore and explore some of the top institutions providing tailor-made education for these unique learners.

The Importance of ADHD-Focused Schools

ADHD-focused schools provide an inclusive and supportive environment for children with ADHD. They recognize the distinct learning needs of these students and implement specialized teaching methods and strategies to cater to those needs. Some key advantages of ADHD schools include:

Individualized Attention: ADHD schools typically have a lower student-teacher ratio, ensuring that every student receives personalized attention, addressing their specific learning requirements.

Adapted Curriculum: These schools design their curricula to accommodate the unique learning styles of students with ADHD. This often includes hands-on and experiential learning, as well as incorporating life skills and social-emotional development.

Trained Educators: Teachers and support staff in ADHD schools undergo specialized training in understanding and managing ADHD, enabling them to effectively address the challenges faced by students with this disorder.

Comprehensive Support Services: ADHD schools offer a range of support services such as counseling, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, working collaboratively to ensure the holistic development of students.

Top ADHD Schools in Bangalore

Pathways School, Bangalore

Pathways School is a renowned institution in Bangalore, known for its inclusive education model. The school caters to students with a wide range of learning needs, including those with ADHD. With a team of dedicated special educators, occupational therapists, and counselors, Pathways School ensures that every student receives the support they need to thrive academically and socially.

Blossom Learning Center

Blossom Learning Center is a specialized institution that focuses exclusively on providing education and support to children with ADHD and other learning disabilities. The center adopts a multidisciplinary approach and offers an individualized education plan for each student. With a strong emphasis on life skills and social-emotional development, Blossom Learning Center helps students with ADHD build a strong foundation for their future.

New Horizons Academy

New Horizons Academy is a pioneering institution in Bangalore that offers a comprehensive education program for children with ADHD and other learning challenges. The academy employs cutting-edge teaching methodologies and provides a nurturing environment for students to grow and learn at their own pace. New Horizons Academy also offers extensive parent support and training programs, ensuring that families are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of raising a child with ADHD.

Achievers Academy

Achievers Academy is another leading institution in Bangalore that provides specialized education for children with ADHD. The school boasts a team of highly trained teachers and therapists who work closely with students to help them overcome their learning difficulties. By offering a structured and predictable environment, Achievers Academy enables students with ADHD to excel in academics and develop essential life skills.


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