Schools in Mahadevapura Bangalore

This article explores the top schools in Mahadevapura, Bangalore, highlighting their unique offerings, teaching methodologies, and commitment to creating well-rounded individuals for a brighter tomorrow.

The Mahadevapura Global Academy (MGA)

MGA is a premier institution offering an international curriculum that combines the best of both Indian and global educational frameworks. The school emphasizes a holistic approach to learning, promoting academic excellence, cultural appreciation, and personal growth. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced faculty, and a strong emphasis on sports and extracurricular activities, MGA provides a nurturing environment where students can flourish and excel in their chosen fields.

The Mahadevapura Progressive School (MPS)

MPS is a renowned institution that offers an innovative, student-centered approach to education. The school follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) curriculum and provides an engaging learning environment, integrating technology and experiential learning. MPS’s dedicated faculty members, cutting-edge infrastructure, and extensive extracurricular offerings empower students to become confident, compassionate, and responsible leaders of tomorrow.

The Mahadevapura Montessori School (MMS)

MMS is a pioneer in implementing the Montessori method in Mahadevapura, catering to children aged two and a half to six years. The school’s philosophy focuses on fostering the natural curiosity and creativity of children through a carefully structured environment. With personalized attention, hands-on learning materials, and a stimulating atmosphere, MMS cultivates a lifelong love for learning in its young students.

The Mahadevapura Heritage School (MHS)

MHS is an esteemed institution that follows the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum, emphasizing a strong foundation in academics, sports, and cultural activities. The school is committed to inculcating a strong value system, inspiring students to become responsible global citizens. With a dedicated staff, well-equipped classrooms, and a host of co-curricular activities, MHS ensures a well-rounded education for its students.

The Mahadevapura Creative School (MCS)

MCS is a unique institution that focuses on nurturing students’ artistic talents while delivering a comprehensive academic experience. Following the ICSE curriculum, the school emphasizes the integration of arts, music, and drama into its teaching methodology, fostering creativity and self-expression. With experienced faculty members and a strong focus on individual growth, MCS helps students explore their passions and develop critical thinking skills.


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